What can we provide for your event?

Not every event is alike, and The Tonez realize this. We are committed to bringing you a lively, exciting, and professional show with a wide variety of music guaranteed to make your event that more enjoyable! Many levels of customization are our speciality!


The Tonez can play a single 45-90 minute non-stop set of high-energy music, or intimate shows lasting 3 hours or more.

Continuous Entertainment:

The Tonez can provide a DJ with over 100,000 songs to play recorded music between live sets to keep the party going non-stop.


Our Sound Engineer is capable of providing up to 29,000 Watts of powerful audio with our JBL professional PA system for outdoor events, as well as a tastefully tuned volume for your indoor venue. Lighting is included as well.

Multi-Room events:

The Tonez can provide live music in one room and curated DJ music in another for your corporate-style event.


We can help Emcee, run the schedule, intertwine live music with multi-media, and provide additional sound services and equipment. Need an organist? We've got that covered as well! Ask us about our partnership with Brass Act brass quintet (discounted rates when you book both groups).

In your event, you are not alone – when you chose The Tonez!

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Need Additional Assistance?

Here is a list of our Partner Sound Companies that can provide larger scale extras like stages, festival setups, and any size sound reinforcements for your needs.

DB Productions

(828) 712-7276 Greensboro, NC

Specialized Sound and Light

(704) 904-8143 Concord, NC

Stormfront Productions, Inc.

(843) 916-0109 Myrtle Beach, SC

Sundown Productions 

(704) 791-1020 Kannapolis, NC

Management & Booking

(843) 213-7618
(704) 202-1356

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